Rate Management System

Our automation platform streamlines repetitive and high volume tasks

Tabi versatility and flexibility allows you to automate a wide range of logistics activities

Tabi Connect rate management system empowers logistics service providers to automate, capture and analyze 100% of the rate requests that flow through their company.

Tabi Outlook

Spend Less Time Calculating, More Time Quoting!

The Outlook plugin, a semi-automated solution, was built and designed for Tabi Connect users, enabling them to automate quotes and record the data for each quote request.

Strategic tool for guiding employees in determining accurate quotes
Onboarding and training platform for new employees
Use the captured data to catalog spot opportunities

Tabi Internal Quoting Portal

This feature optimizes your time allocation by reducing calculations and focusing on more quotes.


With the internal quoting portal you will be able to respond efficiently to any type of rate request, through the channels you have enabled.

Tabi External Quoting Portal

Designed to cater to your customers who seek to retrieve your rates seamlessly, without the need for emails or phone inquiries.


Enhance accessibility to your rates for customers, while also ensuring automated inclusion of additional costs and margins.

Rate Quoting

Automate high volume spot boards and bid boards.

Dynamic Pricing

Automate high volume spot boards and bid boards.

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Most common questions

On average, it takes four to five weeks from the time of proposal acceptance.
Our UI is in real-time, with absolutely zero coding required. Changes can be made from any web browser or cell phone.
We utilize your current subscriptions. We have API connections with DAT, Greenscreens, C4, Sonar, Truckstop, and can also use your historical rates.
There is practically zero IT lift from our customers. We handle the design, implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of the virtual machines, and we build out all of the API connections.
We price per shipper, so you can scale at your own pace. We also offer custom pricing that takes the entire scope into consideration.

Yes, we do. We offer 30-day pilot programs to test it out with no long-term contract.