Tabi Connect at the Nashville Transportation Club Golf Tournament!

June 18, 2024
Tabi Connect at the Nashville Transportation Club Golf Tournament!

Tabi Connect was at the Nashville Transportation Club Golf Tournament. A great opportunity to meet new people while playing golf.

On June 10, we attended the Nashville Transportation Club Golf Tournament, and it was great to see some of you there. We had a terrific day. It was the ideal chance to get out and spend a wonderful day outside while playing some golf and getting to know new people. We at Tabi Connect had a great time interacting with everyone who dropped by to say hello.

Our team members Brian Pilkinton and Matthew C. Smith particularly enjoyed themselves. They chatted with many people in the transportation industry and established new friends in addition to playing golf. It proved to be a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and have fun—it was more than just a day on the golf course.

We’re all about having a good time and forming new relationships, and this event was a great illustration of both. Whether attendees were avid golfers or just there for a good time, it was a great chance to unwind and discover more about Tabi Connect in a relaxed environment.

We hope to see even more of you at the competition next year, which we are already looking forward to. We appreciate all of the attendees who helped to make this event special.

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