New Tabi Connect Demo

June 17, 2024
New Tabi Connect Demo

New Tabi Connect Demo, never-before-seen, brand-new platform with increased controls, reporting, and functionality.

Join Dan Hellmann and Scott Hadley for a live demonstration of the all-new Tabi Connect platform.

We can’t wait to show you the newest additions and enhancements. This platform is a total redesign with more capability than ever before, improved reporting capabilities, and better control than before. It’s not just an update.

Transportation and logistics are about to undergo a major change thanks to our new rate management system. By eliminating the need for human labor and streamlining the quote handling process, brokerages are able to operate more quickly and effectively. You may now manage a greater number of quotes without hiring more personnel and gather all data points without missing a beat.

Dan and Scott will demonstrate how to use the new features for you during the demo. They will also go over how these adjustments might significantly impact your day-to-day operations. This platform is intended to assist, whether your goal is to increase data accuracy, expedite response times, or simply have a more potent tool at your disposal.

This approach, in our opinion, will raise the bar for how technology can support transportation and logistics. Thus, be sure to tune in to see how Tabi Connect is expanding the bounds of what is possible in our industry. We’re excited to share with you the projects we’ve been working on and to hear your ideas about how we can keep getting better and serving your needs.

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