Tabi Connect Partners

June 17, 2024
Tabi Connect Partners

Our Tabi Connect partners, Blue Yonder and e2open can provide bundled contracts and special pricing concessions to Tabi customers.

At Tabi Connect, we think it’s important to give our clients clarity. We value relationships so highly because of this. Our partnerships with top companies in the field, such as Blue Yonder and e2open, guarantee smooth shipping. However, it doesn’t end there. Through these alliances, we are able to provide bundled contracts and special pricing concessions that are intended to directly benefit Tabi customers.

Imagine gaining more freight while making significant expense reductions—this is precisely what we strive to accomplish. Our strategy is about exceeding expectations and offering unrivaled value, not merely competing. Selecting Tabi Connect means selecting a strategic ally committed to your logistical success, not just a service provider. Our goal is to streamline your business processes and advance it while maintaining a healthy profit margin.

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