Tabi Connect was at Manifest 2024!

June 17, 2024
Tabi Connect was at Manifest 2024

Tabi Connect was at Manifest 2024, which brought smart people together to discuss new ideas in the logistics industry.

The Tabi Connect team, including Dan Hellmann and Scott Hadley, had a busy few days at the 2024 Manifest Conference held at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas from February 5th to 7th. This conference is a big deal for anyone in the logistics and transportation industry, bringing together a lot of smart people to talk about new ideas and what’s next.

Dan, Scott, and our team got to attend a bunch of talks and discussions, learning about the latest trends and sharing our own experiences. We also set up a booth where we showed off our latest projects and got some great feedback from people who stopped by to chat.

You still have the opportunity to learn more about Tabi Connect if you were at the conference but were unable to meet us or if you are just interested in learning more. We truly want to speak with you. We may be reached by email if you have any questions regarding our goods, require assistance with logistics, or just want to talk about the conference.

It’s a fantastic chance to get to know each other and possibly explore collaborative opportunities. Maintaining relationships with people in the field can be quite beneficial because the logistics industry is continually changing. We’re eager to talk to you and see what we can accomplish together.

Schedule a call here to learn more about this or visit our website here!

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