Tabi Connect´s new logo!

June 17, 2024

Tabi Connect´s has a new logo and we are so proud of the team’s effort behind it, this logo shows our growth and hard work.

We revealed our brand-new Tabi Connect logo in 2023, and we’re quite happy with the teamwork that went into making it. Everyone put forth a lot of effort, and the results reflect that. Our customers have responded incredibly well to it; they truly like it! This new logo represents our company’s growth and improvement, going beyond just a simple makeover.

The public release of our new logo has significantly improved our brand. It’s making us more noticeable and drawing in new clients as well as old ones who have never dealt with us before. This logo is an essential component of our journey as a growing firm because it conveys to everyone our identity and core values.

With this new logo leading the way, we’re grateful for all the encouraging feedback we’ve gotten thus far and eager to see what the future brings. Let’s keep going and build on this accomplishment!

Schedule a call here to learn more about this or visit our website here!

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